A Head of Growth is a cross-functionally excellent executive who has a foot in each department and designs the entire journey from value creation to retaining customers.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking refers to strategies regarding the reach of a company. It may involve new marketing initiatives, inventing disruptive products, designing and implementing venturepeneurial or competitive disruption strategies, alpha/beta testing, or experimental trials to discover what works and what doesn’t. In this role, a head of growth is focused on scaling s/his company as quickly and sustainably as possible.

Managing Growth

Growth management is a twofold term. On one hand, a head of growth may be responsible for managing other strategic planners, value innovators, intrapreneurs, marketers, or freelancers. On the other hand, s/he will be heavily involved in KPI measurement and other ROI metrics. A Head of Growth keeps a finger on the pulse of growth initiatives and redesigns corporate growth strategies accordingly.

Nurturing Growth

Nurture is the act of nourishing; tender care; education; training. Nurturing growth refers to the use of new or existing strategies that build capabilities for growth, enhance motivation, retain customers, engage customers as co-innovators, etc.


T-shaped Head of Growth: Generalist & Specialist

Usually, a Head of Growth is a ‘T’ shaped business executive who is knowledgeable in many fields, but deeply skilled in accelerated business growth.

A T-shaped Head of Growth is able to create a holistic growth strategy by linking the core areas of cross-functional management with expertise in growth management.

A generalist can do a little bit of everything, can create a holistic strategy and is capable of a leading a cross-functional rapid-growth team. A rapid-growth specialist knows how to create disruptions and move with speed. A specialist keeps up with new growth strategies and test-worthy trends that keep emerging.

Synergizing the Roles of a Generalist and a Specialist

There are endless ways to connect strategies, capabilities and skills synergistically. Here are some of them:

•“Garden” and “Kitchen” stages of a brainstorming session – generate focused ideas first and then synergize them (“cook a soup”).
• Synergize diversities – create synergistic cross-functional teams.
•“The Tree of Business” – taking a holistic view of a business venture and designing it “from roots to fruits” by synergizing resources and capabilities.
•Innovation portfolio – synergize strategically aligned radical and incremental innovation projects.
•Synergize activities of value innovation, marketing and selling experts..


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Provide Outstanding Customer Experience

Love your customers to create great customer experience. Provide outstanding customer services, surprise your customers, exceed their expectations, and build loving customer relationships to inspire world-of-mouth marketing.


Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Journey as a Love Story





Digital WoM Marketing

Cyberspace has enabled online inter-personal interaction that, in turn, has provided new tools for marketers to improve the efficiency of marketing communications.  Individual inter-personal influence in online environments affects customer evaluation and buying decisions.

Social networks have created effective communication channels for word of mouth spread of message and have provided new approaches and tools for marketers to inspire, acquire and retain customers.


Customer Experience


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Internet Marketing

Social Networks

Social Skills





Growing Role of Brand Ambassadors

The role of  brand ambassadors grew exponentially due to exponential growth of social media.


Innompic Games

Goodwill Ambassadors