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Supraconscious Thinking

Subconscious Mind & Superconscious Genius




Supraconscious Thinking: definition, superconscious, subconscious  


Supraconscious is an adjective and noun that means beyond or above consciousness. It means existing or functioning above the level of the conscious, rational, or logical.




Light-speed supraconscious thinking is a super-powerful part of our mental operations. It often operates on autopilot.


SupraConscious Thinking three light-speed brothers in your head




There are Two levels of SupraConscious Thinking:
Subconscious and Superconscious.

Subconscious thinking influences the present.

Superconscious thinking helps invent the future.





Most human behavior is a mixed product of both conscious and unconscious brain activity.

Supraconscious thinking includes both subconscious and superconscious thinking: intuition, comprehension, supercreativity, enlightenment.

  Supraconscious Thinking two levels Superconscious Subconscious



According to researchers, the supraconscious mind processes information ~200 million times faster than the conscious mind and thus can understand the nature of hyper-complex things that the slow conscious mind is unable to embrace.


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The holistic 6Ws structure Why, What, Who, How, Where, When will help you streamline your supraconscious thinking.