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Superconscious Thinking




SuperConscious Thinking 3 SuperBenefits: SuperSmart SuperCreative  

Superconscious Thinking
is a magic synergy of higher self and unconscious thinking. Intuition, highersight, supercreativity and superintelligence are results of superconscious thinking that is fueled by superpassion and a burning desire and is directed by vision, mission and higher purpose.




Super-Benefits of Super-Conscious Thinking

Super-Conscious thinking is an enlightening, highersightful, constructive, and future-creating function of the light-speed supraconscious mind. It is your inner genius.

It helps you become
super-wise, super-smart,
and super-creative.

  Superconscious Thinking



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Official Launch of the New Term "Superconscious Thinking"

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I've been practicing super-conscious thinking, super-creativity and super-intelligence since 2001 to create the future.

Initially, like Thomas Edison and Napoleon Hill, I used the term "subconscious" to describe this super-smart way of thinking.

Psychoanalysts use the term "subconscious" quite differently however.





To get rid of this confusing duality, I decided to differentiate creation of the future from being managed in the present and launch this new term:


  Superconscious Thinking vs. Subcoscious Mind



I renamed all my teachings accordingly and re-launched my course "Mega-Thinker: awaken and engage your super-powerful subconscious mind" under a different name





Those who don’t engage their light-speed superconscious mind use just a small fraction of their unlimited thinking power.


SuperConscious-Conscious Thinking Synergy







The holistic 6Ws structure – Why, What, Who, How, Where, When – will help you streamline your superconscious thinking.