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SuperConscious Thinking

3 SuperBenefits

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SuperConscious Thinking is a magic synergy of
higher self and unconscious thinking.




SuperConscious Thinking 3 SuperBenefits: SuperSmart SuperCreative  

The Super-Power of Super-Conscious Thinking

Super-Conscious thinking is an enlightening, highersightful, constructive, and future-creating function of the light-speed supraconscious mind. It is your inner genius and a super-smart assistant.



SuperConscious-Conscious Thinking Synergy - the greatest know-how  

The Greatest Thinking Skill

The greatest thinking skill is knowing how to fully awaken your super-fast, super-smart, and super-creative super-conscious mind and get it addressing the big challenges you really, really, really want to overcome in the best possible way.










The role of super-understanding by light-speed super-conscious mind is growing rapidly in today’s increasingly complex world.


Systems Thinking

Barriers to Systems Thinking




Outstanding comprehension, holistic-thinking and systems-thinking abilities are especially important for those who are to deal with complex challenges, solve multi-dimensional problems, and/or to design, build and manage complex systems that have myriads of connections and interdependencies.

  Systems Thinking benefits, growing role, superconscious genius









Powered by superconscious thinking, super-smartness helps people develop individual super-performance.

Super-smart entrepreneurs and business architects are able to invent and implement new winning business models with speed. Entrepreneurial serendipity is their great competitive advantage.

  SuperSmart vs. Smart


Keys to SuperSmartness  

Some attributes of the Super-Smart sought by leading corporations include ability to see farther, to pose acute questions, and to grasp and synergize new knowledge very fast.









SuperConscious Thininking is the Key to SuperCreativity  

Superconscious thinking – along with conscious and divine creativity – is the most contributing ingredient of super-creativity.

Super-conscious creativity is also a bridge between conscious and divine creativities. When synergized, these three creativities make you SuperCreative.