By: Eric Verzuh


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Short, sweet and to the point, just like Eric's book

By: Penrose Stout (Seattle, WA USA)

I teach Project Management to Fortune 100 companies and I'm a principal in an internet based project management enterprise, ''.

Project Management: 2 Approaches

Business Synergies Approach to Projects

10 Key Project Leader Skills

I tell my students: 'If you want 1 book that covers it all in a way you can quickly access and put to practical use then get Eric's book. The material in the book is well proven and can be applied in all industries and on all projects.'

I've seen this book stolen from conference rooms! I recommend you buy your copy... from Amazon of course.

All PM Professionals & Students Should Have a Personal Copy

By: Andre Barrow  and Ian Walcott (Barbados, Caribbean)

Verzuh's book is at the top of its class. We just recently concluded a Project Management Seminar here in Barbados and this was the text used throughout the seminar. In addition, it's one of the standard texts on our Project Management Professional Diploma Program.

What most heady and highly theoretical writers on project management tend to do in over 500 pages, Verzuh achieved in 300 pages. He was able to demystify Project Management and present it in such a way that everyone out there with an interest in the subject area could follow. It would therefore be totally incongruous to review this book in academic jargon. By the same token, it perfectly compliments some of the more abstract academic texts that are out there.

We particularly found the chapter on the Work Breakdown Structure to be very useful since most amateurs will probably just buy a software package and command it intuitively without fully understanding the logic and problem solving behind the it. Verzuh's text will definitely help you to better understand the logic behind the software.

The text is highly recommended and our students love it.