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Strategic Actions: All-Inclusive and All-Win

Strategic thinking and actions are not just for C-suite executives, it is everyone’s job. In any organization, everyone has a role to play in preparing for the future.

Strategic Management




The focus and nature of strategic actions depends on the position a person fills in the organization and the manner in which s/he contributes to its strategic vision.

Head of Growth

Successful outcomes of strategic actions can and should be structured as all-win scenarios to win support from all stakeholders involved.




Strategy Implementation

A strategic action plan explains how to make a strategy a reality by adding the details needed to turn it into a chain of strategic actions and helping to align and organize thoughts on any given point to achieve desired strategic results. For instance, the two parts of a differentiation strategy are a strategic position and strategic actions. The strategic actions part explains how to create a market niche, communicate differentiated advantage and create a buzz.


Business Systems Approach

Organizational Capability

Fast to Market

Learning SWOT Questions

Impediments to Strategy Implementation




Strategic Management

Strategic Achievement

The two interwoven parts of strategic achievement in a rapidly changing environment are strategic thinking and strategic action. The strategic intent provides strategic alignment and inspiration for both of these activities.





Strategic Experimentation

Strategize → Act → Discover → Reassess (SADR)

Rapid experimentation with new strategic opportunities is to be in line with corporate guiding principles and followed by learning SWOT questions.

Head of Growth

  SADR - Strategize, Act, Discover, Reassess, experimental strategy implementation



Entrepreneurial Action

Entrepreneurial action is proactive behavior in response to a judgmental decision under uncertainty about a perceived entrepreneurial opportunity for innovative value creation and profit.

Innovative Entrepreneur


Be Daring

Prepare To Win

Venturepreneurial Flight

Learning SWOT Questions