6Ws of Change Management

System Approach to Change


3Bs of Strategic Creativity


Systems thinking and system change are essential to support individual and organizational development. "The success of a project or an organization is influenced by a magnitude of factors. In each case, it is possible to identify at least a dozen of such factors, but there are many others of subordinate and partially not identifiable variables, which influence each other," says Holger Nauheimer. "All processes of a system (like an organization, group, project, society, etc.) are principally dynamic and can only be influenced in a systemic context. It is not possible to foresee all effects and relations between the factors.

For example, 12 variables result in 66 linear and 220 triangular relations. To elaborate a planning base that facilitates sustainable growth Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book the most important factors must be identified and arranged in a context that considers systemic effects. In such a complex environment, linear planning tools loose their effectiveness."



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