How To Create Custoomers: Value Creation, innovation, exciting offers  

KoRe 10 Tips

Know the needs of your prospects, but focus on creating new desires.

Know your competitors, but focus on creating unique customer value... More



Vadim Kotelnikov

Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues.

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3 'How?' Question You Must Answer

How do you create great, innovative, differentiated and appealing value for your prospects?

How do you help people recognize and accept that they need and want your product or service?

How do you help them act upon that recognition and acceptance?


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

First, focus on enthusiasts, visionaries and intuiters. The rest will follow.  >>>

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Developing Your Competitive Strategy

Knowing Customers

Customers of Innovative Products

Customer Needs

What Makes People Buy

Understanding Risks Perceived by Customers

Top 10 Subconscious Values

Observing People

Listening To Customers >> Tip

Value Creation

Enterprise-wide Business Process Management

SME Niche

Winning Customers

Create a Market Niche for Your Business

SWOT Marketing

How To Pitch Six Thinking Hats

Differentiation Strategies

Differentiating with Different Types of People

Positioning >> 10 Tips >> 10 Commandments

Diversification Strategies

Discover Market Opportunities

New Product Development >> Milestones

Creative Marketing 

Emotional Marketing >> Success Stories

Marketing To the Subconscious

Buzz Marketing  >> Success Stories

Influencing People

Persuading People

10 Commandments of Innovation

Focus on Customers. Strive to create innovative value for them... More

Create Customer Value

Organizations that excel at strategy execution and achieve remarkable results know how to create sustainable value for customers, employees and shareholders. A feature of such organizations is their ability to define key organizational capabilities – that produce observable value to customers2... More

Customer Value Proposition

Your company should deliver a particular customer value proposition to a definable market in order to exist. Competition is all about value: creating it and capturing it... More


Differentiation – distinguishing your brand from all others – is about the life and death of your brand. It is how your brand is born and how it may die if differentiation declines... More

Differentiating With Different Types of People

There are many models for understanding and characterizing the styles of interaction different people prefer to employ. Different people take in the world through different senses – seeing, hearing, or feeling it. Further, different people tend to lead their decision making process with one of the four functions: thinking Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, feeling, intuition, and sensing. Vividly differentiated differences that are anchored to a product and engage the above functions can enhance memory of your current and prospective customers... More


Positioning is about how you differentiate your product or service in the mind of your prospect. It is an organized system for finding a window in the mind of your prospect in order to position effectively over there a product – a merchandise, a service, a company, or a person – against its main competitors... More

Relationship Marketing and Selling

Relationship marketing increases the return on your sales investment. Learning to connect fast with your customers by taking full advantage of your body, your mind, your voice, and above all your imagination will give you a significant competitive edge... More



Peter Drucker advice

Enterprises are paid to create wealth.
The only valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer.

Peter Drucker

Konosuke Matsushita advice quotes

10 Lessons 
Company’s vision must be driven by the aspirations of its customers.

Konosuke Matsushita


IDEO Tom Kelley creativity innovation quotes

Use prototypes to sell your ideas to others. Good prototypes don't just communicate – they persuade.

Tom Kelley





 "The biggest mistake anyone can make is to focus on the competitor.
You focus on the consumer and you will get it right."
 ~ K.B.Dadiseth



1. The Art of Innovation, Tom Kelley

2. Strategic Achievement, Andrew Spanyi

3. Every Business Is a Growth Business, Ram Charan and Noel M. Trich