Informative / Advisory

both to give and receive information

to coordinate activities

to record progress towards stated goals


to resolve objections

to involve people in change or a new course of action

to get to know people, as a means of fostering greater understanding between colleagues

Problem Solving

to consider all possibilities and create ideas

to value the ideas and identify feasible options

to chose course of action and initiate that action






to take decisions

to generate commitment

to share responsibility

to initiate action


to find the best solution / a mutually agreeable compromise

to create an agreement or contract


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Meetings should not be boring

A typical staff meeting is often a boring uncreative process. At such a meeting, a formal, professional atmosphere is combined with a meeting agenda to keep people "focused," or "on track." The meeting manager fails to ask for creating ideas, even at the most opportune points. In such meetings, the participants get bored, and freewheeling is bound to occur.

Vadim Kotelnikov humorous quotes Meetings are dangerous life − they can bore you to death.





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