How To Persuade - Delicious Persuasion Dish - First Impression, Trust, Benefits  

First Impression

Persuasion starts with making good first impression.

Your first sentences, enthusiasm, attitude, and personal packaging all contribute to the first ─ most important ─ impression you make on your prospect.


First Impressionism






To establish trust, empathize with your prospect, be s/him. Support your case with indisputable logic.  Your body language should match your words and make them more impactful. Be an example of what you want others to do or be.




Sell solutions to problems. Inspire your prospect with new exciting opportunities. Emphasize emotional and tangible benefits. Address your prospect's fear of losing something and show to avoid this painful situation. Offer and opportunity to avoid loss and an opportunity to gain at the same time.





Know how to overcome barriers to change. Reduce barriers. Present change as an opportunity and help your prospect to make the most important first step.





Benjamin Franklin quotes

Would you persuade,
speak of interest, not of reason.

Benjamin Franklin

IDEO Tom Kelley creativity innovation quotes

Use prototypes to sell your ideas to others. Good prototypes don't just communicate they persuade >>>

Tom Kelley