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I invented INNOBALL (INNOvation brainBALL) entrepreneurial simulation game back in 2010 to help people learn breakthrough skills and prepare and execute breakthrough projects far more successfully.

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INNOBALL training at Mars Inc. employee creativity development

At this slide, I conduct Innoball training at Mars Inc., the world's famous chocolates' maker.

Mars wanted their employees become more creative, innovative, proactive and intrapreneurial.

Their HRD managers chose my
simulation game as the best toll to help them achieve this objective.




Innoball training exceeded expectations of Mars' leaders. Not only their employees learned how to innovate better, but they also solved creatively Mars' three pressing problems during practical Innoball exercises.





Radical Change Management prepare to win Innoball simulation game Vadim Kotelnikov

a radical innovation / change / entrepreneurial project without playing Innoball
is like starting a football game
naively believing th
at the opposing team does not exist.

You must prepare to win!