Positioning is about how you differentiate your brand, company, product or service in the mind of your prospects and customers on a long-term basis.

"The easy way to get into a person's mind is to be first. If you can't be first, then you must find a way to position yourself against the products, the politicians, the persons who did get there before you." ~ Jack Trout





In 1963, Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. debuted a new advertising campaign that featured a brand-new tagline "We Try Harder." AVIS is #2 company in the industry, so the slogan tells you indirectly that AVIS tries harder than Hertz, #1, in creating a superior customer value. The now-famous slogan has become one the world's most recognized company taglines. For Avis, the tagline is more than a slogan it has become part of the fabric of the company that both reflects and influences corporate values and business decisions.


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Founded in 1998 by two Stanford University Ph.D. students, search engine Google's name is a play of the word googol the number presented by a 1 followed by 100 zeros a reference to the huge amount of data online.

By 2001, with 25 million users worldwide generating 1,800 queries a second, the company had turned a profit by focusing on searches alone and not adding other services, as was the case with many other portals. By focusing on plain text, avoiding ads, and using sophisticated search algorithms, Google is seen as providing fast an reliable service.


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Unisys: Repositioning the Company

When Larry Weinbach joined Unisys, he immediately said that the Unisys brand was tarnished and decided to rebuild it... More


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Invented and launched in 2001, Business e-Coach was the first free online business education resource. As it was first to market, the initial brand positioning was easy. The slogan "We don't teach we inspire!" differentiated Business e-Coach from traditional educational institutions for decades.




Innompic Games vs. traditional social networks

Traditional social networks are primarily single-dimensional they help people communicate.

Innompic Games (IG) deliver clearly differentiated huge additional benefits as a two-dimensional social network that helps people grow as well.

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Innompic Peace Prize positioned

The True Peace Way
no one walked before

The Innompic Peace Prize was announced after the international group of experts had analysed major international peace award practices and discovered that none of them nurtured true peace in the World.

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