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Brand positioning is to place your brand in a favorable position in the minds of your target customers both prospective and existing. Brand positioning helps your brand create a prominent name for yourself among competing brands and differentiate you from them.




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Coaching by Example

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Invented and launched in 2001, Business e-Coach was the first free online business education resource. As it was first to market, the initial brand positioning was easy. The slogan "We don't teach we inspire!" differentiated Business e-Coach strategically from traditional educational brands for decades.




Innompic Games vs. traditional social networks

Traditional social networks are primarily single-dimensional they help people communicate.

Innompic Games (IG) deliver clearly differentiated huge additional benefits as a two-dimensional social network that helps people grow as well.

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Innompic Peace Prize positioned

Noble not Nobel Peace Prize

The True Peace Way
no one walked before

The Innompic Peace Prize was announced after the international group of experts had analysed major international peace award practices and discovered that none of them nurtured true peace in the World.

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How To Position Your Brand and Business

The only hope to score big is to be selective, to concentrate on narrow targets, to practice segmentation Example

Positioning is thinking in reverse: instead of starting with yourself, you start with the mind of your prospect.

Instead of asking what you are, ask what position you own in the mind of the prospect. Get the answer to this question from the marketplace invest money in market research.

Changing minds in our overcommunicated society is an extremely difficult task. It's much easier to work with what's already there.

If you have a weak on non-existent position in the mind of your prospect, find a way into the mind by hooking your product, service or concept to what's already there.

Don't be narrow minded. You must look at the big picture, not the details.


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Brand Manager

This position leads key strategic initiatives for the brand, contributing to overall results delivery for the business. The desired outcome is sustainable organic growth with a clear foundation of consumer insights, brand positioning and innovation and marketing plans that result in sales, profit, share and equity gain... More