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Brand positioning is to place your brand in a favorable position in the minds of your target customers both prospective and existing. Brand positioning helps your brand create a prominent name for yourself among competing brands and differentiate you from them.

Depositioning is a complementary of positioning. Depositioning is about changing the mindset of customers about competing brands or products. It is about employing subtle methods so that your customers think that you create greater value for them than your competitors.

If your competitor has taken a position you are vying for, through depositioning you can make your target audience believe that you are actually the #1 in this market niche.


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Depositioning a competitor in the minds of the target audience is a common practice in politics and marketing that are all about a battle of perceptions.

In politics, residential election campaigns and information wars are often full of elaborated depositioning statements. Lies are frequently used as a powerful weapon. "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on," said Winston Churchill.

In business, depositioning is primarily based on facts, not lies. Depositioninng statements are usually laconic and indirect.

Example: Avis

Some time ago, Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. debuted a new advertising campaign that featured a brand-new tagline "We Try Harder." At that time, AVIS was #2 company in the industry, so the marketing slogan was telling prospects indirectly that AVIS tried harder than #1 in creating great customer value.

Example: Apple

Steve Jobs in his famous new-product presentations delivered exciting and amusing stories where an Apple's innovative product acted as a hero who was solving customer problems created by competitors.


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Using Humor

Humor is a powerful depositioning weapon both in politics and business. Good jokes that make people laugh are often a more powerful weapon that traditional differentiation strategies.


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Yes, self-depositioning happens − unintentionally − sometime too. A company can deposition itself through its irrelevant actions (Example), an inappropriate advertising campaign, or as a result of rebranding (Example)


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Invented and launched in 2001, Business e-Coach was the first free online business education resource. As it was first to market, the initial brand positioning was easy. The slogan "We don't teach we inspire!" differentiated Business e-Coach from traditional educational institutions for decades.




Innompic Games vs. traditional social networks

Traditional social networks are primarily single-dimensional they help people communicate.

Innompic Games (IG) deliver clearly differentiated huge additional benefits as a two-dimensional social network that helps people grow as well.

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The True Peace Way
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The Innompic Peace Prize was announced after the international group of experts had analysed major international peace award practices and discovered that none of them nurtured true peace in the World.

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