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Example of a Poorly Formulated Corporate Vision


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STF Medical GmbH, Austria, claims they can deliver complete medical complexes, from a concept through construction through management.

The corporate vision of STF Medical is formulated in their corporate brochure as follows: "From concept to management ─ all from one hands." This is actually an example of how a corporate vision should NOT be formulated. What STF Medical presents as their vision is actually their customer value proposition.


Vision is a statement of a desired future state a company wants to achieve. By promoting the statement "From concept to management ─ all from one hands" as the corporate vision STF Medical actually says that it is their dream to achieve that state, but they haven't achieved it yet. In other words, they send customers a message saying that they have nothing to offer to them at the moment because the complete solution is just a vision, a dream, not a reality.



Japanese Proverbs

Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.