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Market Dominance Strategies

Four Types


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Four Types of Market Dominance Strategies


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Market Dominance Strategies

Market dominance strategies are marketing strategies which classify your business by reference to your market share or dominance of an industry.  In defining market dominance, you must see to what extent your offerings control a product category in a given geographic area.

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What is the strength of your brand, product, service, or company, relative to competitive offerings?

Differentiation Strategies

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Most business strategists categorize market dominance strategies in qualitative terms, not quantitative ones, such as market share.  Qualitative measures take into account the influences of customers, suppliers, competitors in related industries, and government regulations.

Sustainable competitive advantage allows the maintenance and improvement of your enterprise's competitive position in the market.  

Typically there are four types of market dominance strategies: market leader, market challenger, market follower, and market nicher.

Market Leadership Strategies  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

The market leader is dominant in its industry and has substantial market share. If you want to lead the market, you must be the industry leader in developing new business models and new products or services.

You must be on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovative business processes. Your customer value proposition must offer a superior solution to a customers' problem, and your product must be well differentiated... More