Yin and Yang represent
two fundamental forces that harmonize management by their interaction.



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Balancing Brainstorming and Brainstilling

Brainstorming (Yang) is used when you need to a solve a problem creatively >>>

Brainstilling (Yin) can be used when you need to see the big picture and arrive peacefully to a rational and enduring strategic decision.

3Bs of Strategic Creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Balanced Manager

Effective managerial leadership Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book demands a delicate balance between sensitivity and authority, between the whole and the parts, between loose and tight leadership style, internal (creating value for organization and employees) and external (creating value for investors, customers, and society as a whole). You must also balance the science and art of management as well as tradition and innovation to achieve sustainable growth and employee satisfaction.

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Look at your business from outside-in as well as inside-out and ask these questions relentlessly:

  • What's happening in the marketplace?

  • How the needs are changing? What's causing the changes?

  • Where are the resulting opportunities?  >>>

Having answered the above questions, work backward:

  • What needs do we satisfy now? What need could we satisfy now? In future?

  • What's the gap between them and what we do now, and how to bridge it?

  • What advantages and capabilities do we need to strengthen or create? What old competencies should we deemphasize?

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