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Design a Useful Performance Management System

Set Objectives: Decide on what you want to achieve

Empower People: Give people the tools and the support and encouragement to improve their performance

Measure Performance: Decide how to measure performance against these objectives

Provide Feedback: Tell people how well they are doing

Reward People: Build performance into the reward system



Set Right Objectives

Setting right objectives is critical for effective performance management. Such objectives as higher profits, shareholder value, customer satisfaction may be admirable, but they don't tell managers what to do. "They fail to specify priorities and focus. Such objectives don't map the journey ahead - the discovery of better value and solutions for the customer," says Fred Wiersema, the author of Customer Intimacy .

The objectives must be:

  • focused on a result, not an activity

  • consistent

  • specific

  • measurable

  • related to time

  • attainable

Balance 10 Major Tensions within Your Firm

❶  Bottom-line and top-line growth

❷  Long-term growth opportunities and short-term results

❸  Higher profits and social responsibility... More

Benefits of an Effective Performance Management System

Performance management allows you turn data into profitable action more effectively and faster. It allows you create greater value for all stakeholders and outperform your competitors... More

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Set Stretch Goals

Stretch goal is an objective that cannot be achieved by incremental or small improvements but require extending oneself to the limit to be actualized. it is a challenge that is significantly beyond the organization's current performance level... More

Develop Employees

Developing people is achieved by careful, planned and motivational delegation of responsibility and duty... More 

Establish a Culture of Creative Dissatisfaction

A culture of creative dissatisfaction in your organization will really help people to constantly improve their performance and innovativeness and also that of the entire company... More

Kaizen Mindset


Build Trust To Improve Performance

Trust both between individuals and organizations is at the core of today's complex and rapidly changing knowledge economy. It is the mutual bond of trust that acts as the catalyst that creates high performance... More

Transform Your Business into an Innovative and Creative Culture

In order to flourish your firm's culture must encourage and nurture ideas rather than kill them.

Empowerment. Ideally, empowerment of employees results in increased initiative, involvement, enthusiasm, innovation and speed, all in support of the company's mission... More

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CRM Benefits

Over time, customer relationship management (CRM) system enables an organization to increase teamwork Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, reduce workloads, and significantly improve effectiveness and performance... More

Benefits of e-Business