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How To Eliminate Bureaucracy

KoRe 7 Strategies

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Treat bureaucracy as a disease to be cured, design strategies, and launch a crusade!




How To Eliminate Bureacracy KoRe 7 strategies




Leading vs. Lagging Companies

Leading companies put the customer and value creation first; lagging companies put reports and KPI first.


Leading vs. Lagging Companies

Customer-focused Innovation




Leading companies focus their resources on value innovation. Lagging companies waste their resources on redundant and demotivating procedures.

Leading companies are agile and fast; bureaucracies are cumbersome and slow.

Leading companies put the emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency; bureaucracies put the emphasis on procedures and policy.




How To Eliminate Bureaucracy: 7 Strategies





Make senior managers responsible for implementation of their own strategies.


Ask Learning SWOT Questions




Eliminate all staff jobs unless proved to be essential for value creation.


How ABB Reduced Bureaucracy





Delegate decision-making and approval to the lowest possible level in the organization.


4 Stages of Delegation




Encourage and empower employees to identify nonsenses and eradicate them.


GE Work-Out




Scrap the status symbols, get less formal, and establish meritocracy.


Jack Welch: Get Rid of Bureaucracy





Build a team culture and empower cross-functional innovation teams.


Why Employee Empowerment




Establish an entrepreneurial culture, nourish entrepreneurial mentality and encourage innovators, grow entrepreneurial employees, play entrepreneurial simulation games with bureaucracy-elimination proposals. Move financial reporting from routine-style to entrepreneurial.


Entrepreneurial Organization

Space for Intrapreneurship

Entrepreneurial Attributes





Build an Entepreneurial Organization!