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Chose delegates based on a fair and objective assessment of his or her skills and abilities in relation to the requirement of the task.

Give precise instructions; use simple procedures; show employees how to do something and explain why it is done that way.

Show how each delegation contributes to organizational goals.




Clarify expected results

Develop together standards of performance; recognize superior performance

Discuss problems; answer questions; seek employees' ideas about how to do the job

Be supportive; exhibit trust; keep your promises

Praise positive achievements in public


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5 Main Functions of a Manager

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Don't delegate in a haphazard fashion

Don't over-exercise your power; don't try to dominate the delegates; be rather a leader than a mentor

Don't criticize employees in front of others

Don't overreact to problems or mistakes

Don't over-control the performance


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Peter Drucker management quotes

For in-company ventures in an established business, insulate the new venture from the main business.




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