Classic Management Model




Peter Drucker management quotes

5 Main Functions of a Manager




Setting Objectives and Planning

To determine the objectives aligned with the corporate vision and mission statement

To determine the goals in each area of objectives

To decide what has to be done to reach the objectives

To communicate the objectives to the people whose performance is needed to attain them

Organizing the Group

To analyze the activities, decisions, and relations needed

To classify the work

To divide the work into manageable activities and further divide the activities into manageable jobs

To group units and jobs into an organization structure

To select people for the management of the units and for the job to be done

Management by Objectives (MBO)    Setting Objectives

Individual Responsibility

Managing for Results    8 Perceptions

Delegation DOs and DON'Ts



Peter Drucker management quotes

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.




Motivating and Communicating  >>>

To make a team out of the people that are responsible for various jobs

To empower employees and motivate them to follow through on your  strategic focus

To take relationship responsibility

To make people decisions on pay, placement, and promotion

To communicate constantly to and from his subordinates, superior, and colleagues

Measuring Performance

To establish yardsticks and few factors that are as important to the performance of the organization and every man in it

To make the measurements focused on the performance of the whole organization and every individual available to each staff member

To analyze, appraise, and interpret performance

To communicate the meaning of the measurements and their findings to your subordinates, to his superiors, and to colleagues

Measurement System    2 Elements



Peter Drucker management quotes

One quality cannot be learned, one qualification that the manager cannot acquire but must bring with him. It's not genius, it's character.




Developing People

To develop yourself

To develop others

7 Sources of Entrepreneurial Opportunities

4 Entrepreneurial Strategies

Venture Management: 5 Functions

Management of Business Opportunities

 Play INNOBALL to Achieve More



Peter Drucker management quotes

For in-company ventures in an established business, insulate the new venture from the main business.





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