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Incremental versus Radical Innovation1




Business Case

Detailed plan

Business model and plan evolves through discovery-based market learning





Formal, phase-gate model

Informal, flexible model at early stages due to high uncertainties


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1. Radical Innovation, Harvard Business School

2. Corning's 5 NPD Steps

Traditional Management Approaches Do Not Fit

New game changing breakthroughs can launch your company into new markets, create a new highly profitable market niche, enable rapid growth, and create high return on investment.

Companies that create breakthrough innovations are able to break out of the pack and win customers.

Surprise To Win: 3 Strategies

Value Innovation: Yin-Yang Strategies

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

High levels of uncertainties – technical, market, organizational, and resources create extraordinary challenges for radical project management.  The problem of multiple dimensions of uncertainty is complicated by the fact that the uncertainties interact with and strengthen one another.1  >>>

New competencies are required to address the challenge of radical innovation project management. These challenges include:

Radical Improvement (Kaikaku): Kore 10 Tips

Improvisation-driven Radical Project Management (RPM)

The improvisation-driven model is one approach to radical innovation project management. It works well when the unknowns are high and the players are seasoned. This model doesn’t discard structure, just as there is a clear structure to good jazz.

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips

Rather than having it overlaid from the outside, though, the improvisational approach builds structure from the inside as it is needed. That’s why it requires a critical mass of experienced people to work.

Loose-Tight Leadership

Freedom To Fail

The improvisational model is limited by three factors... More 

Fuzzy Logic

Modern business and technology leaders use the managerial equivalent of fuzzy logic to address the ambiguity of the fuzzy front end. The core elements of this approach include... More

Business e-Coach Simulation Games "InnoBall" and "InnoChess"

Innovation Football (Innoball) and Innovation Chess (Innochess) are breakthrough business games that help disruptive innopreneurs achieve great success in the real world. These simulation games develop as a sequence of assumed moves by innovators and their opponents. They help you to:

Business e-Coach KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

KoRe 10 Tools help innovators approach creation of entrepreneurial strategies and anticipation of opponents' moves more systematically.

The Kore 10 Tools help also  innovation leaders and radical project managers strengthen and synergize the most important areas of innovation... More