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Venture Financing

Step-by-Step Guide To Obtaining VC

Yin & Yang of Venture Financing

Venture Financing Chain

Guidelines for Getting Funding    Ways

5 Elements of Strategic Business Planning

About Venture Capital

Venture Capital Basics    Debt vs. Equity

Venture Funding Stages

Start-up Business Plan    Bootstrapping

Preparing a Venture Proposal    Milestone Chart

Funding Round Chart

Venture Map to Financing

Venture Planning Chart and Concepts

Venture Capital Basics: Recommendations

Selecting Prospective Investors

Business Angels and How To Reach Them

Business Angel Funding Application Criteria

Types of Business Angels    Angel Syndicates

Alternative Financing: VC Is Not the Only Way

Selecting Type of Finance (Debt versus Equity)

Investment Criteria - Ranking by Investors

Language of the Venture Capital

The 4-1/2 Marketing Issues

Using Intellectual Assets to Finance Your Business

The Role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Valuation of a Start-up Company

Structuring the Deal: Key Terms for Seed Investments

Dealing with Banks    Documentation Required

Venture Presentation

Pitch  >>  6Ws  |  Spotless

Sample VC Investor Pitch: IG Air

8 Issues in 8 Minutes    Outline >> Guidelines

Business Plan: What Every Investor Wants to Know

Business Planning Chart    Questions To Answer

How Investors Read a Business Plan

Business Plan DOs and DON'Ts


Venture Financing



Creative Achiever

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Great Problem Solver

Inspired Team

Winning Customers

Managing Radical Innovation

New Product Fast!

New Business Models

Start-up Company Assessment

Innoball for Quick Team & Venture Assessment

Investment Opportunity Evaluation by Investors

Buffet's Investment Criteria  7 Contrarian Principles

Private Placement Memorandum

Due Diligence >> Worksheet >> Sample Request

Investigating Management Team

Case Study: TPI

Business Valuation

Small Business  ●  Start-up  ●  Internet Business

Venture Valuation and Keeping Your Share

Valuation Quantification Techniques

How To Structure Your Deal


Ways of Realization of Financial Returns for Investors

Equity Investor's Compensation  Exit Strategy

Terms of Preferred Stock Issued to Venture Capitalists

Private Placements  Private Placement Memorandum

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Great Innovator

Disruptive Innopreneur    Venturepreneur

Customer-driven Innovation

Entrepreneurial Success

10 Commandments of Innovation

Venture Planning    IP Strategies for Startups

Venture Management    Management Team

Winning Customers

Creative Marketing    Selling Is Problem Solving

Business Model

New Business Models    Select Right Model

High-Growth Business Development