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 If you are a frequent player of slot games, both online and offline, then there is no way that you would have heard of RTP when it comes to jackpots. When talking about slot games, there is often a lot of jargon and phrases that can get confusing. You might be hearing words like welcome packages, volatility rates, bonuses, and, in particular, RTP, and thinking that they are just a bunch of lingo that only the slot makers and developers need to know about.




But, that is where you might be wrong! RTP, in relation to jackpot slots, is such an integral part of slot machine gaming that you definitely need to know. If you do not know then it is time to stop fretting because we have all the answers right here!


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What does RTP Range mean in relation to Jackpot Slots?

If you did not already know, jackpot slots are the kind of slot game that you play to win a massive pot of money. The jackpots in jackpot slots can vary and there are many kinds of jackpots; some let you win a pool of money put together by all the players who have lost, others are set by the slot sites, etc.




Even more importantly, the RTP range in relation to jackpot slots must be understood in order for you to become a top-dog on the slot gaming scene. We are here to explain everything there is to know about RTP ranges:


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What is an RTP Range? RTP (return to player) refers to how much, on average, a slots player will receive for a single spin. For example, an RTP of 90% means that, on average, a player will lose 10 from a 100 wager.

Is this Every Time? As we mentioned before, this is an average. It would be rubbish if you know that the game was always taking away some of your money and a high roller like you knows that the games pay out. Hitting the jackpot, bonus, or win, will still pay out and nullifies that average RTP.

Can you change the RTP in Jackpot Slots? The more observant of you might have noticed that below online slot games it states the RTP. So, if you think you can do better, get off of that machine and start spinning on another!



How to get the best RTP in Jackpot Slots

You might be wondering why any player would want to play a jackpot slot with such a low RTP. Generally, the lower the RTP, the higher the rewards are when they come. But, if you want high RTP and frequent wins, this is what you can do:

1. Shop around for a few games and compare their RTP ranges

2. Play the demo versions of a few jackpot slot games to see if they are for you

3. Never play on progressive jackpot slots because their RTPs are lower than the ground floor!

4. Hint: If a jackpot slot has an RTP lower than 97%, it is time to ditch it!