Dream Job




CEO in a Banking Sector

By: Sarita Bhatta

... The reason I want to become a CEO is for me to be able to make a change in some policies of Commercial bank in Nepal. For example the credit policy, the credit to the public from the bank it’s too high. This makes it difficult for people who want to have their own startup in Nepal...


Dealing with Banks

4Cs of Commercial Lending

What Does the Bank Look for in Making a Decision





Financial Consultant

By: Umanga Bhatta

... Proper financing is one gold standard I strive to provide my country with. Day by day I aim to equip: the skilled with better financial advice, the entrepreneurs with best suited decisions and the government with collective on field choices...

... The more I contribute from my financial consulting, the more happiness I spread all around me...


Steps to Open a Business Bank Account

Getting Funding for Your Startup

Day Trading

Choosing the Best Gold IRA Company to Invest








7 Routes to High Profits

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Help others succeed

Synergize your know-hows

Be an authority in your industry

Be remarkable and admired

Sell unique benefits

Make buying from you easy and fun

Introduce innovations continuously


Revenue Model

Succeed Online

High Profits

INNOBALL INNOBALL simulation game

80/20 Principle

Financial Success

Advices by Self-Made Billionaires






Yin and Yang of Venture Financing

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

YIN (passive, accepting side) − Outside-In

Understand the venture financing chain and venture funding stages and investment evaluation criteria of venture capital investors;

Develop appropriate fund raising strategy and plan meeting these criteria;...

YANG (active, aggressive side) − Inside-Out

Market and  sell your venture opportunity aggressively to appropriate sources of funding;

Pitch VC investors enthusiastically and persuasively, inspire them by your entrepreneurial vision;...


VC Investors

What Investors Want To Know

Business Plan Evaluation

Venture Valuation

VC Investor Pitch

6Ws    8 Issues


How To Deliver

Innompic Pitch

Innompic Games

IG Air pitch 

How To Market Radical Innovations





Accelerate Your Startup Game

By: Manisha Acharya

... Early-stage startups after developing a viable business idea require funds. They are necessary for further expansion and scalability. Without a business incubator, it becomes difficult for startup founders to reach potential investors and pitch their idea. On the other hand, business incubators have strong links with angel investors and venture capitalists and can help the founders in crafting a winning pitch and reaching out into investor meetings...


Ways to Finance Your Startup

Venture Financing

Venture Financing Chain

Venture Funding Stages

Basics of VC Funding

Business Angels: Pros and Cons