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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Live Answering



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Some decades ago, the thought of a customer service representative alone was only conceivable if you have a big business.

Now, even small businesses can enjoy the benefits of not only having customer services reps but a live answering service.

Are you wondering what live answering is?


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Iíll show you shortly, but first, businesses have continued to evolve over the past couple of years with business owners on the lookout constantly to plug leaks their businesses may have.

Businesses lose a lot of money due to poor or inefficient customer service, if you want to grow your business quickly, fixing any customer service issue you may have is a sure way to go.




What is Live Answering?

Do you know how youíre trying to get some answers about this business and you call their customer service and get a real human to answer the phone instead of some pre-recorded message? That is live answering.

Live answering doesnít have to be only by calls. You can also have live answering by chat, usually on the website of the business. You can get a real human to answer your questions immediately you send a chat.


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Live answering is having real humans answer your questions in real-time, through whatsoever communication means available.

It gets better as you donít need to set up live answering yourself, as there are several brands now offering this service to businesses. They all have varying packages and service requirements and Oracle CMS stands tall among them all due to their all-inclusive deliverability and service.




Some Reasons You Should Setup Live Answering

There are so many reasons for having live answering in your business but Iíll be showing you my top 5:

1. Speed

Time is of the essence when it comes to customers. No one wants to wait for days before having a simple inquiry answered and it is for this reason customers move towards businesses that can answer their questions as soon as they come.

Having live answering in your business, increases the speed at which complaints are resolved, general inquiries are answered and new information is passed.


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2. Better Value for Money

If you donít already have any form of customer service in your business, you may be wondering how this is true as you will need to spend some money to get this service from businesses offering it. But hereís the catch, not only is this way cheaper than hiring your customer service reps, but it will also bring the most value for money as youíll have a stream of satisfied customers in your business.




3. Increased Revenue

It is estimated that businesses lose up to $72 billion yearly to customer service-related issues. Plugging that leak with live answering will not only save you a lot of money but will also bring you even more money.

As customer satisfaction rises, youíll be having more people patronizing your business including word of mouth referrals to their friends and family. Youíll gain new customers while retaining the old ones you already have which only means one thing for your business Ė growth!

4. Increased Productivity for You and Your Staff

Using a live answering service will accord you and your staff the time and energy to focus on other aspects of the business and have bigger impacts there since your attention is undivided.


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 You also have fewer staff and coordination issues to handle since the company you hire for your live answering will be in charge of ensuring productivity and coordinating its staff.

This way, youíre not spread too thin and you can focus on where your attention is needed the most.





5. Get a Competitive Advantage over Your Competitors

As earlier stated, many businesses are yet to realize the power of live answering and this is where you get your advantage. The first business to run a proper live answering service will quickly gain an advantage over the rest as customers begin to trust you the more. You can then harness this advantage by setting your business as the go-to business in your niche. A happy customer will bring you so much joy and money.




There are so many more reasons why your business needs live answering and how you can tap into that to grow your business. You can set up live answering via chat, calls, or both to capture as many customers as possible.

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