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A Business Guide on
Customer Experience Management

Today's business world is all about understanding your customer and making sure they have the best customer experience.

Check out this guide on how to nail it.

The customer's overall experience with your company can have a profound effect on its success. So much so that you can see a 4-8% revenue increase if that experience is positive.


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This experience we're talking about is more than just customer service. It's all of the interactions they have with your brand; employees, store, packaging, products.

Obviously, every company wants to see growth in all kinds of areas. But it's hard to know what steps to take to make these necessary changes. It takes some effort and planning to make your customer experience a good one.

We've created a guide to creating the best customer experience for your company.

The Best Customer Experience Plan

The first, and most important, thing to do is to develop a plan. This customer experience we're talking about is really all-encompassing. There are so many moving parts and so many ways it could improve. Without a clear vision of where you want to end up, this process can just be a waste of time.

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Take the time to develop your ideal situation. What would be the perfect scenario for the customer's interactions with your company and customer relationship management (CRM)? Once you've really nailed down how you want those things to go, you can start to make a concrete plan to get there. But without this plan, you may implement changes that don't benefit the company. This focus is key.




Understand Your Customer

To improve customer experiences, you have to know who your customer is.

The customer experience can be viewed as an extension of the company's brand. A crucial step in branding is creating the target customer persona. This exercise really helps give you that clear view.





When you're discovering your customer think of things like who are they demographically, what things they're looking for, what matters to them, what works for them, and what doesn't.

A well-rounded picture allows you to make more informed decisions.

Most people are looking for an emotional connection with the brands they interact with -- even if they don't realize it. Companies who can capitalize on this knowledge and make those connections will have lasting and loving relationships with their customers.

This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the setting but one key way is to make services feel individualized. As your company grows, the thought of individualized service can seem very overwhelming, if not impossible altogether.

The good news is there are aspects of the customer experience that can be automated. This makes it simple for the company but also provides the service the customer wants.

Share the Perks

One huge way to make a customer feel important is to make them an insider. Take them behind the scenes and give them some of those company perks.




Who doesn't love a good perk?

This can come in a variety of ways but is most often seen through loyalty programs. A loyalty program allows the customer to build points based on their purchases.





Those points are then redeemed for some kind of reward.

There is a huge variety of loyalty program setups, but they all follow this basic premise. They all work to improve customer experience because they are being rewarded for interacting.

Freebies and discounts given through email lists or newsletters also have a similar effect on customers.

Personalized packaging can make a purchase feel exclusive and unique. Even just using their name in an email gives the feeling of personalization that many are drawn to.

A popular trend is to highlight customers on social media. Check your tags and mentions to see who is sharing about your company. Then share them on your page.

This makes that individual customer feel excited and like a partner with the brand. It also encourages others to share about the brand in hopes of getting shared as well. And it just gives you more exposure. Win, win, win!

An important part of improving the overall customer experience is making each customer feel seen and valued.

Collect Feedback and Refine

It's one thing to implement some practices you think will help your customer's experience. And it's completely another thing to find out if they actually work.




Continually collecting feedback from your customers is a great way to keep tabs on how positive the experience is. The feedback is much more helpful when it's in real-time.





This gives you an understanding of what is working and what isn't for your customers. The data you gather from multiple customers can help you make decisions for moving forward. Feedback is an important guide to creating the best customer experience.

But this real-time feedback also gives you the opportunity to fix any negative experiences. People want to be heard. So if they have a negative experience and the company does something to fix it right away, they're likely to see that as a positive experience overall.

Feedback from employees of the company is also important in understanding the customer experience. They have a unique perspective that is very helpful.

Constant check-in with customer experiences will also give you a bigger picture view of your company. This puts you in a better position to prevent potential problems.

Creating a great customer experience is not just a one-time job. It's a continual evaluation and slight shifting to make it better and better.

Give Your Customers the Best Experience

It just makes sense that a company would want its customers to have positive experiences. These experiences lead to more sales and increased revenue.




The best customer experience is one that brings customers back. 73% of customers say these types of experiences enhance their brand loyalty. Creating just the right experience for your customers is worth the time and effort.

If you'd like to learn more about growing your business, check out our other articles and mini-course.


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