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People respond to situations in different ways and tackle a problem differently from the next person. This explains how humans all have different skills and are responsible for how they display such skills or habits to people. However, as a leader, there is a guideline for behaving like humans and what skills or habits you should display. A leadership philosophy is a roundup of all these values and ideas. It is a way of thinking and behaving, to understand how a leader comes into power, and stays there.




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As college students, you might wonder why you have to take your leadership personal values seriously. However, being a great leader starts from whatever position you find yourself even on campus. Be it a student body president or a project group head; you need to develop a leadership philosophy to carry people along effectively. Here are a few ways to do this…

Tips On How to Develop a Personal Leadership Philosophy

Think About the Different Styles of Leadership

Evaluate your beliefs and principles, then consider what leadership style would uphold those values and speak for what you truly stand for. There are seven leadership philosophy styles:

1. Solution-based
2. Democratic
3. Transformational
4. Learning
5. Laissez-faire
6. Transactional
7. Autocratic

These styles are important in understanding how you lead and what is unique about how you do it. If you need a template to follow or just better understand the nature of each style, you can find several essays on leadership philosophy online. There, you will see countless personal leadership philosophy examples. And in case you’d need a more detailed research in this field, there are several educational platforms where you can buy essays or get free essay samples on leadership.

Knowing your style can help you successfully form a personal philosophy, and these essays will give you deep insight on how to go about this. It would show you how others have walked this path, and how to exhibit perfect leadership in any sector you find yourself. 







Consider Who Your Role Models Are

As a leader, there will always be someone you look up to. Someone whose leadership style resonates with, and who you hope to be like. Role models, directly and indirectly, impact our style, and to develop a great philosophy, we have to review and assess who we idolize.

Think About Your Current Leadership

How do you lead now? That is a crucial thing to think about. Even at the university level, developing a leadership philosophy is important. Think about how you handle a crisis at the nuclear level, note the things you’d like to change, and do them immediately.

Importance of A Leadership Development Plan

It Helps the Team Develop

Constructing a leadership development plan helps you put things into perspective. This way, the team develops because, as a leader, you are grounded in your values and beliefs. You have mastered the art of leadership, and as such, the team would flourish.

Creates A Positive Leadership Image

As a person who has fully developed a leadership plan, this means you have become focused and in control of every operation handed to you. This creates a positive leadership image, and the team can look up to you as a desirable role model worthy of emulation.

Promotes Accountability

Developing a leadership style calls for accountability. As a leader, you should be ready to give account and take responsibility, even when you have made an error. In doing this, you are setting an example for the entire team, and they will learn from you.





Importance of Personalization

When constructing a life philosophy, personalization is important because every development has to be tailored to meet your specific need and style of leadership. Here is why this is important:

It Inspires Confidence

When your leadership philosophy is tailored to suit your style, it inspires confidence in you as the team head because you are assured of the stability of your decisions and trust yourself to think critically in solving any problem.

Create Your Solutions

With a personalized plan, you create your solutions to every problem without the need to flounder or imitate anyone else’s leadership style. Whether you choose to be democratic, autocratic, you show up as a leader and provide solutions.


Being a leader is not a day’s job, and neither was anyone born with the skills to be a great one. Always try to learn more, read every writing or essay you find on leadership, and listen to successful leaders speak about their journey.




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