By: Michael Porter

  1. an analysis of the industry in which the firm competes

  2. sources of competitive advantage

  3. an analysis of the existing and potential competitors who might affect the company

  4. an assessment of the company's competitive position

  5. selection or ratification of strategy, built on competitive advantage, and how it can be sustained.







3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Venture Strategies

7-Part Competitive Strategy of Microsoft

Enterprise Strategies

Strategy Management

Resource-based Model

Strategic Programming

Business Strategies

Blue Ocean Strategy

6 Principles of Blue Ocean Strategy

Dynamic Strategies

Competitive Strategies

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Creating Competitive Disruption: 7 Strategies

Strategic Management

Strategic Planning

Strategy Formulation

Porter's Five Forces Model for Industry Analysis

GE Multifactor Business Portfolio Matrix

Strategy Implementation

Strategy Innovation


PowerPoint Presentation

31 slide

Blue Ocean Strategy