Amaze Your Audience - the Number 1 strategy of content marketing


Marketplace, including social media, and especially Instagram, is full of me-tooers who compete in a Red Ocean full of look-alikes who tell you the same story and buy fake 'likes' and fake followers to look credible.
True entrepreneurs are original. They are proactive innovators. They love to innovate and amaze consumers with radically new solutions, content, services, products and technologies. They create their own market niche − a new Blue Ocean − where they have no direct competitors and and don't need to compete on cost. They earn much higher profits because, being unique, they can charge in terms of customer value, not cost.
Next time, when you create a new content for social media, ask yourself: "What amazing and outstanding value could I offer to my beloved readers?"
Don't strive to be a star, strive to be the Sun!