Glossary: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Quasi-Intelligence (AqI)





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Artificial Quasi-Intelligence (AqI) vs. Artificial Intelligence (AI)  


Itís not AI yet, itís AqI

"Artificial Intelligence" is currently not intelligence yet, it's quasi-intelligence (AqI), an imitation of intelligence. "Quasi" means apparently but not really; seemingly.




Artificial quasi-intelligence (AqI) is a predictable machine that can implement some standardized tasks quickly.

Implementation is non-standardized tasks by AqI is often far from being perfect.

It's only when AqI grows up to become truly creative and unpredictable that it may be called AI.

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The Essence of Differences between AI and AqI





The differences between AI and AqI can be compared with differences between delegation and empowerment, innovation and operations, leadership and management.

AqI can think within the box only; AI at its best can think outside the box.

AqI is a functional thinker;
AI can think holistically.

You can delegate some tasks to AqI and empower AI to do some complex jobs.

AqI is a narrow-minded perfectionist;
AI can be an open-minded self-leader.

AqI does things right, works in the status quo; AI can do right things and create change.

Humans delegate tasks to AqI. AqI is not able to delegate tasks to humans because it works in the system. AI at its best will be able to work on the system and assign relevant tasks to imaginative, passionate and empathetic humans.




The meaning of ďAt its bestĒ

Being ďat its bestĒ means that the highest possible standard of quality has been reached, when AqI/AI shows its most attractive, productive, or impressive qualities, when AqI/AI is in its most effective or intelligent state.


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