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Innovation Policies and Infrastructure


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Successful Entrepreneurs have consistent policies and a written Business Plan that defines short- and long-term requirements for growth and provides a framework for decisions.

Guiding Principles: Why and How

The plan needs to be developed with input from all levels of the organization. Innovation strategies need to be dynamic. they should be updated at least annually and more frequently if market conditions change.

Learning SWOT Questions

Leaders must develop an innovative workforce and Inhibit or expand the company-wide search for radical ideas through articulation of strategic intent, a concept that embodies a misfit between current resources and corporate aspirations.  Strategic intent is a senior management's primary motivation tool for idea generation by encouraging actively the quest for new opportunities.

10 Commandments of Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book


Successful entrepreneurs understand how to embed vision, mission and values of the company into the whole organization.

Innovation-friendly Organization

They create the infrastructure of processes and systems that supports growth by developing reliable, consistent, and lean processes and systems in the areas of managing and leading people, planning and alignment, and finance and control.


Effective Innovation Structures

Most organization use multiple structural models to drive innovation efforts.

C-level and leadership support is a key driver of success of an innovation function... More


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