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Marketing: The Law of Category

Be the first in your category


Enriched executive summary of

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Al Ries and Jack Trout


If you can't be first in a category,
change the nature of the category or set up a new category you can be the first in.


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Create Your Own Market Niche

Surprise To Win

How To Market and Sell a Radically New Product



Laws of Marketing

Leadership    Ladder    Duality    Perception

There are many ways to be first. Marketing, with its broad approach, allows for a wider view than brand-management thinking it allows you to think "category".  You can also change categories across different markets.

The key question when you get a New Product Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book to launch is, "What category it is new in?"

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

By creating a "new category" (or the perception of a new category) you become first the Leader >>>

When categories change, so do mindsets. They open up to a whole new range of opportunities. Everyone is interested in what's new, but few are interested in what's better.

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