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Manager knows what's to be done.

Coach helps employees to do their best.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Effective managers need to coach, not micromanage.

Coaching is a new task of a modern manager.



Coaching New Management Model


Coaching is a question-based enlightening, inspirational and energizing process by a coach to orient a player to the realities of a situation and to help the player achieve desired goals.


Skill-Will Matrix

Instant Pay-off Coaching




Benefits of Coaching

Motivational coaching helps improve employee performance to an optimum level by bringing out the very best in people and unlocking their true potential.

Top-down coaching can help build a stronger, more productive company by encouraging personal growth and intellectual collaboration. It is easier to handle change in a coaching organization... More



Basic Tools of Coaching

① asking effective questions

listening actively

③ providing clear constructive or positive feedback.