A capability is a capacity for a set of resources
to perform integratively a stretch task.

For existing and aspiring market leaders and disruptive strategists, the firm's internal environment, in terms of its resources and capabilities, is more critical to strategic thinking and the determination of strategic action than is the external environment, especially in today’s era of rapid change.



Capability Approach to Strategic Management  

Resource-based Model
of Strategic Management

Distinctive Capabilities Provide the Basis for Strategy Formulation

The business strategy formulated by a firm should allow it to best exploit its core competencies and distinctive capabilities relative to opportunities in the external environment.





Strategy Implementation: Corporate Capability Approach

Organizations that excel at strategy execution know how to create sustainable value for stakeholders through synergizing key organizational capabilities. In the capability model, senior managers focus on a balanced approach to the business system and strategic innovation. An organizational capability approach nurtures such critical factors essential to achieving superior, sustainable results as strategic focus and organizational strategic alignment. In turn, taking strategic action to achieve strategic focus and organizational alignment develops capability thinking.






Strategic Simulation Games

Strategic simulation games, like INNOBALL, can help enhance corporate capabilities dramatically – fast! Within few hours, a strategic simulation game can boost innopreneurial skills of employees and their intellectual teamwork and to strengthen the company’s strategic business design significantly.

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