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Malaysia is a co-founding country of Innompic Games invented in Russia and launched in India.

Innompic Games


Othman Ismail, Malaysia, Innompic Games, national leader

Innompic Games are just the best way to inspire entrepreneurial creativity and to boost accelerated learning, innovation and socio-economic growth.

Othman Ismail



1st World Innompic Games

Malaysia team trained and mentored by Otman





Three Miss Innovation World award winners

One Mister Innovation World award winner




Farah Izzatti, Malaysia, UniKL, Miss Innovation World 2017, Innompic Games

Outstanding innovation contests! Innompic Games challenge me to stay creative to make others understand what we are trying to deliver.



Nurul Natasya, Malaysia, Miss Innovation World 2018, Innompic Games

The innovative contests and prize categories encourage the youths to perform in their endeavors. It's wonderful to create valuable innovations, brainstorm and have fun together.

Nurul Natasya


There aren't many Innovation events where we use games and activities to promote and develop innovative thinking. Innompic Games is a prime example that does so.

Mohammad Fiqri Wilter



Two World Best Innompic Team awards

One Best Team Mentor award winner




Siti Zaleha  Binti Haji Mohd Rajoli, Malaysia KPMSI

Innompic Games help students to build their entrepreneurial creativity, to awaken their hidden talents, and to gain inspiration from other contestants and innovation masters.




Malaysia National Coordinator for Innompic Games




Innompics approaches can act as catalysts in steering forward the innovation and commercialization ecosystem among students and youth.





Hasnurlisda Binti Hilmi, Malaysia, KPMSI team manager, Innompic Games 2020

There are so many good things to look forward to and to spread around. The world may be jaded, but we shouldn't be. Keep thriving. Keep inspiring.

Hasnurlisda Binti Hilmi

Malaysia hosted
2nd World


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