KoRe 10 Tips for Advanced Time Management



Have a great and inspiring vision to guide you.

Create a list of prioritized highest-value uses of your time that capitalize on your unique capabilities and promise to multiply your effectiveness.

Create a list of strategically aligned and prioritized Stretch Goals.

Create a list of 5 to 10 weighted Guiding Principles to enable you to think more effectively and efficiently, and to make strategic decisions much faster.

Think in an entrepreneurial way: be creatively dissatisfied Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, challenge assumptions, look for opportunities to make things radically better.





Act passionately. Love what you do. Love the users of the value you create and strive to amaze them by exceeding their expectations.

Create a delicate balance between reflection and action. Take time to think because you move towards your goals much faster when you stop to think.

Review your list of projects, tasks, and activities regularly to define, given the major recent changes occurred, which of them, if done in an excellent and timely fashion, would have the greatest positive impact.

Use your weighted guiding principles and the 80/20 Principle to make strategic decisions quickly when a need arises.

Practice the above tips consciously until they become a subconscious habit.





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