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Bill Gates About Intelligence

"Intelligence is an elusive concept. There's a certain sharpness, an ability to absorb new facts. To walk into a situation, have something explained to you and immediately say, "Well, what about this?" To ask an insightful question. To absorb it in real time. A capacity to remember. To relate to domains that may not seem connected at first. A certain creativity that allows people to be effective."

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Gaining Knowledge

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Jack Welch's 5 Strategic Questions

Four Behavioral Models of Intelligence Activities

F.J. Aguilar in his article "Scanning the Business Environment" describes the four behavioral models of intelligence activities:

  1. Undirected viewing: general exposure to information without specific purpose

  2. Conditioned viewing: directed exposure to information without active search

  3. Informal search: relatively limited and unstructured efforts to obtain specific information

  4. Formal search: deliberate efforts following a pre-established plan, procedure, or methodology to secure specific information


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