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How to Strengthen Team Culture
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Strong employee teams are one of the best ways to get things done in any kind of business. When you have a group of people who have their own separate and independent talents and create a team in which these can be combined, the results often show a remarkable amount of energy and creativity. And, employee teams who work well together are often more loyal, better engaged, and have better performance levels. The key to employee teams working well together is to create an extraordinary team culture. Here are some ways to achieve that.


#1. Have a Team-Orientated Organization:

First of all, it’s important to make teamwork one of your core company values and put clear emphasis on teams who are able to manage themselves well and are empowered to make their own decisions. Avoid just talking about teamwork; make it happen by being committed to giving your teams the authority to get work done on terms that work for them whilst making sure that they take responsibility for the results. Come up with ways to strengthen teams within your workplace, such as team building events and friendly competitions. Even small strategies such as branded clothing and lapel pins can be a great idea. These are kinds of custom pins that can be worn by your employees both in and out of the office.



#2. Cross-Train Employees:

When your employees have a better understanding of how other areas of the company work, they will be more likely to make decisions that benefit the company as a whole, rather than simply focusing on the team or department that they work in. Give your employees the opportunity to learn about other people’s jobs and the roles that they play in the organization.

#3. Encourage Informal Teams:

Research shows that more work in organizations is accomplished through informal teams, rather than formal ones.

Therefore, it’s certainly in your interest to encourage the proliferation of informal teams throughout the company, allowing them to address any opportunities or issues that capture their interest. Allowing your employees to tackle concerns that interest them by themselves and put together their own team without the need to elevate every decision to top management will often make for a more efficient organization with a stronger team culture.

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#4. Provide Team Resources:

No matter how talented the individuals who make up your teams are, they will struggle to be successful if they are not provided with the proper resources. Teams will need a few basics in order to achieve success; these include a well-equipped space where they can regularly meet, and adequate time to devote to these team meetings. If required, be sure to provide your teams with the appropriate budget and guidance to spend it as they see best for the company. Always be on hand to discuss which resources are needed and how they will be obtained to help your teams work to the best of their ability.



#5. Encourage Strong Relationships:

Encouraging strong working relationships between everybody who works for your company will strengthen teamwork and make for a friendlier, more loyal company culture. If your company has several employees, it may be difficult for them to socialize with one another, get to know each other and work together on projects when everything is going on in the office, which often leads to people who would work great together on a team never getting the chance to do that.

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Off-site team building events can be a great way to get everybody together in an informal setting for fun team-strengthening exercises that they can transferred to the office. And, attending these events often gives employees the chance to meet and get to know people who they would not usually speak to on a typical working day, which can help to form new teams that would not have come together otherwise.

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