7 Ways to Choose the Best Vehicle
for Business Travel




Customer Needs



Looking to travel and have a better experience? While everything matters from the flight you take to the hotel you stay in, itís important you travel the right way too.

Whether you love business travel or not, at some point you will have to. For some, the road may seem weary and not allow them to focus on other important tasks. With the price of car rental, hotel stays and airline tickets, it can affect the businessís entire economy.




How to travel efficiently?

No, we donít mean what you pack but the itinerary youíll follow on your trip. You can cut these travel expenses to half (at least) by managing every detail in advance. When traveling to a foreign land, last-minute purchases are heavy on your pocket.

The simplest alternatives that require no effort to slash these expenses are:

ē Advance Booking
ē Rewards Programs
ē Virtual Meetings
ē Compare Alternatives
ē Choice of Vehicle




Wait, What?

How can your choice of vehicle help you cut the cost of a business trip?

Itís simple, suit out a vehicle that meets your requirements and does not overdeliver. For single individuals, an SUV may seem over the top but when traveling with your colleagues the same SUV becomes convenient.

The Top 7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Vehicle for Travel

Here are seven things to consider while choosing the best vehicle for business travel.

1. Fuel Economy

Cruising on highways burns up a lot of fuel, choose a car with a balance between horsepower and fuel economy. Donít focus on the looks of your vehicle, select a car that is beneficial in the long run.

2. In-built Amenities

For business travelers, various technologies prove useful. For instance, business travelers often find themselves talking on the phone. So, go for a car that offers Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Internet Connection

When traveling with colleagues, a vehicle capable of creating a hotspot through your Wi-Fi modem allows them to work on the go.




4. Comfort Comes First

Smaller vehicles are enough if youíre traveling alone, but with a group go for a bigger model. Professional colleagues need some space and tiny vehicles may be cheaper than the spacious options, but they wonít be adequate for larger groups.

5. Look for Add-ons

Power-lift gates that open with a buttonís push prove useful when you have your hands full with a suitcase and other boxes. Explorer partnered with Sirius radio so you can enjoy their programming without adjusting the channel every now and then.

6. Compare Different Agencies

The main reason for comparing options is that some car rental agencies provide the same range of vehicles (sometimes better) for lower rates. And some companies do not cover insurances and also give the worst service.

7. Screened Drivers

For a safer travel experience make sure the company screens its employees for their background including problems with the law and drug screening. Other than this, drivers must be assessed based on their ability to complete journeys on-time.