Business Environment

It evolves to one with profoundly more complex industry dynamics and fading industry boundaries.


Today, the basis of competition is capabilities and knowledge.

Value Creation

The value-added potential of many businesses is shifting toward knowledge, Systemic Innovation , and service-based activities.

Extended Enterprise

Virtual integration, partnerships, strategic alliancesjoint ventures, extended enterprise etc. are becoming common parts of competitive strategies.

Great shifts genuine and radical transformation have been shaping the economy and business environment in recent decades. Technology, especially information and communication one, has radically altered the requirements for building and managing a successful business. In this new business climate, although the basic command-and-control business model has survived, it has lost its effectiveness significantly.

"The world is going to be too tough and competitors too ingenious as companies are shaken loose from traditional ways of conducting business. T winners will be the unbridled firms that are responsive to challenges and adroit in both creating and capturing opportunities. To match a business environment that is more networked within and among companies, the ability to manufacture value will have to be distributed across the company to much a greater extent than in the past." say Bruce Pasternack and Albert Viscio, the authors of The Centerless Corporation.


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Internet Power

The Internet changes the fundamental nature of doing business and competition.

ICT-powered Value Chain

Benefits of e-Business

As new ways of building and delivering products and services online emerge, your competition goes beyond established competitors to include new companies, in addition to new innovations, ideas  or ways of improving existing processes or products... More

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New Focus

Today's most successful executives, while still greatly concerned with cost structure, maximizing operational effectiveness, and business process reengineering, have shifted their focus to issues of how to build capabilities for faster growth, how to attract and retain the best people, how to develop leaders at all levels in the company, how to manage knowledge effectively, how to become a true learning organization, and how to be more effective global corporations. The new business model has much stronger focus on the basics of what ultimately creates value today people, knowledge, and coherence.

It fosters the creation of value and ensures that each piece of the business contributes to system-wide value. It also goes beyond the workplace and the interface between government and business and looks into building a favorable social climate within and around the company. 

Strategic Creativity



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