To inform you are providing information for use in decision making, but aren't necessarily advocating a course of action      >>  Understand EGA of Your Audience

To request for a specific action by the receiver      >>  Coaching

To influence and/or persuade to reinforce or change a receiver's belief about a topic and, possibly, act on the belief

To inspire creativity, ideas, fresh thoughts and discoveries

To motivate and energize

To build relationships some messages you send may have the simple goal of building good-will between you and the receiver

To learn from others      >>  Great Learner

To gain inspiration or insight through cross-pollination of ideas

To promote yourself or your cause      >>  Be Charismatic

To socialize and have fun      >>  Social Media Marketing: 10 Tips


  Impactful Presenter: 10 Tips

  10 Essentials of an Effective Communication

Same Reality, Different Perceptions

Presentation that Inspires Change  >>  Tell a Story

Negotiation DOs and DON'Ts