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Managers succeed by following rules.

Innovators succeed by breaking rules.

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For a disruptive innovator, an out-of-comfort zone is a comfort zone.

The most
successful companies
are those that have developed aggressive venture strategies and have made ventures critical components of their strategic and operating success.

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I would rather have people think we're confused than let our competitors know what we're going to do.

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Why Venture Strategies?

In ventures, large and midsized companies can discover a source of growth and competitive advantage they are striving to achieve.

"Silicon Valley wouldn't exist if big companies couldn't identify technology and market opportunities and move with speed to capitalize on them", says Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital Partners.

For today's corporations, traditional internal expansions, efficiency improvements, diversifications, joint ventures, and "synergistic" acquisitions are no longer sufficient sources of growth in most industry segments that had grown crowded and hypercompetitive. The new challenge in today's rapidly changing economy is to search for emerging "white space" opportunities − or create them (Example).


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Iíve always wanted to own and control the primary technology in everything we do.

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New business creation has become central to achieving strategic and financial objectives of market champions.

Venture strategies leading to new-business creations either create new customer needs and satisfy them or meet the unmet, unserved needs of customers in emerging markets.



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Move fast and break things.

Mark Zuckerberg



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