Joint Venture

Business Plan


Joint Venture Human Resources Strategy





While joint ventures are driven by business needs and are implemented in accordance with a business plan or strategy which is generally stated in financial terms, it is the responsibility of the human resources function to translate the business plan into "people" terms.


For a joint venture to be successful, senior management must address important human resources issues and answer the following questions:


▪ What will be your business strategy? How will it impact the people of your organization?

What competences (knowledge, expertise, interpersonal skills) will be required to make the joint venture successful? What type of people should work in the joint venture?  >>>

How will you create a hybrid culture that overcomes cross-cultural barriers? How will you bridge the gap between foreign and local management?  >>>

What structures, processes, and human resources programs should you implement in the joint venture to support the organizational goals >>>

Team Culture

Manage Cultural Differences