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Getting the People Issues Right


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How To Realize the Full Potential
of Mergers and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions, and indeed any form of change that will have a real or perceived impact on the daily work of staff, will realize their full potential only if people issues are dealt with from the start and not left until after the deal has been struck.

The following measures are recommended to get the people issues right.


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▪ Address personal anxieties as quickly as possible by giving honest advice about what is likely to happen in the next six months.

Communicate as frequently and honestly as possible throughout the whole integration phase, not just during the first few weeks.

▪ Involve people in integration teams or cross-functional project groups.

▪ If using people on secondments or temporary teams, integrate individuals back into the organization and give them opportunities to provide feedback and learning.

▪ Give people explicit reassurances that their contributions are valued even if new structures or roles are not yet defined.

▪ Give people opportunities to talk about their achievements, especially through allowing them to write their own CVs for internal selection.

▪ Ensure that selection is impartial and transparent.

▪ Tailor benefits packages to individual needs and preferences. Loyalty bonuses are often useful during the first six months of the transaction.


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