Thanks to a strategic alliance, Your Business will gain a larger number of skilled people working on the same project. You will gain the knowledge of the other businesses' employees.

Before entering into a strategic alliance, enough thought is to be placed behind the structure of the relationship and the details of how it will be managed if you want it to succeed.

  Strategic Alliance Strucure assessment by employees survey




10 Questions to Answer

① Have you defined a shared vision, mission statement, shared values, guiding principles and brand attributes of the strategic alliance?

② Did you play simulation games aimed at strengthening the business design and of the strategic alliance and reducing failure risks with  leaders and employees?

③ Does the level of your cultural intelligence allow you to manage cultural differences and leverage diversity effectively?

④ How good are your cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution skills?

⑤ Have you formed a strong management team capable of making the best use of the resources and capabilities of the alliance?


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⑥ Have you established a collaborative team culture?

⑦ Have you established supportive structures and environment for continuous improvement of performance of the alliance?

⑧ Have you established procedures for collaborative problem solving efforts?

⑨ Have you defined criteria and processes for assessment of opportunities and quick decision making?

⑩ Do you have the flexibility to responding to changes in the internal and external environment?


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