NLP Modeling is the process of recreating excellence.

We can model a desired human behavior or a skill by mastering the beliefs, the psychology, the strategies, and the specific thought processes that underline the behavior or the skill.

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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
is psychology of excellence and technology of achievement.

One of the goals of NLP is
to model the thinking strategies of successful people.

NLP is a process of modeling. The term is used to encompass the techniques and skills uncovered as a result of this process.




Modeling is the process of understanding the thoughts and actions that enable someone to accomplish a task excellently.

It is the process of unpacking your own and others' conscious but especially unconscious strategies in order to duplicate the results achieved.





6 Steps of NLP Modeling Process

1. Choose your success model select someone with skills you want to explore and improve

2. Imagine them performing

3. Imaging floating into their body

4. Float back into your own body

5. Repeat once or more times, as required

6. Break state


Insightful Question

Awaken You Inner Genius

Learn from Nature




Subconscious Mind




Disney Creativity Strategy

Walt Disney was very successful at turning fantasies into reality.




Disney Creativity Strategy Perceptual Positions Dream quotes Dennis Kotelnikov Entrepreneurial Creativity Dennis Kotelnikov Dennis Critical Thinking Strategic Business Success 3 Creativities of an Innovator Disney Creativity Strategy: 3 Perceptual Positions, Vital Roles, NLP Technology of Achievement  

The technique Disney Creativity Strategy was modeled and developed as NLP tool by Robert Dilts, an NLP pioneer and the author of Strategies of Genius. Dilts defined this particular strategy after analyzing Disney's methods for turning his dreams into reality.




Improving Employee Performance

NLP modeling can help managers analyze success secrets of their best employees applied by intuition and teach others these secrets, thus "cloning" success without cloning people.


NLP for Business

4 Pillars of NLP


Circle of Excellence






Master Keys to Your Great Achievements!




NLP Psychology of Excellence PowerPoint slides for teachers, e-book for self-learning  



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