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Strategic Partnerships

Agreements and Contracts

Samples, Models, Check-Lists

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Strategic Partnerships


Model Confidentiality Agreement

Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement

Joint Research/Technology Development

Sample Cooperative Research Agreement

Sample Contract Research Agreement between Company and University


Joint Venture Agreement: Checklist

E-Commerce: Important Contracts and Intellectual Property (IP)

Technology Transfer

Preliminary Agreements

Preliminary MoU between Prospective Joint Venture Partners

Technology/Patent Licensing

Model Technology Transfer Agreement

Questions for Analyzing the Appropriateness of a Closed-System Technology

Sample Exclusive License Agreement

Sample Option to License Agreement

Terms of the License Agreement

Sample Material Transfer Agreement

Sample Material Transfer Agreement Questionnaire 

Venture Financing / Investing, Mergers & Acquisitions


Sample Venture Capital Finder's Fee Agreement

Private Stock Placement

Private Placement Memorandum

Typical Terms of Preferred Stock Issued to Venture Capitalists

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisition Letter Sample: Confidential Acquisition Funding Request for Cashflow Publishing

Employee Agreements

Intellectual Property (IP)

Employee IP Agreement    (to be signed with Researchers in R&D Institutes)

Disciplinary Steps to Protect a Start-up Company's IP   (check-list)