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Narayana Murthy's 5 Keys To Building a Great Company

Leadership  ●  Vision  ●  Benchmarking  ●  Measuring To Improve  ●  Shared Values

Naryana Murthy advice  

Advices by Self-made Billionaires

Adapted from interview with Narayna Murthy, Founder of Infosys, India
at the World Economic Forum

My passion is to create a better society for our future citizens.


Narayna Murthy: 5 keys To Building a Great Company Infosys Success Story Case Studies Corporate Leader Creating a Company Vision Benchmarking Measuring System Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) Shared Values Narayna Murthy, Founder of Infosys: 5 Keys To Building a Great Company


 "This has been a happy, intense, rewarding and exhilarating journey of 25 years."  ~ Narayana Murthy


  Naryana Murthy Quotes

Entrepreneurship Case Studies

You do not have to be the son of a rich man to be an entrepreneur. Today kids are far more willing to take risks because they've seen high rewards.

Often times I have been asked about the attributes for success, and I have said that you need two attributes for succeeding as an Entrepreneur Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book: one, courage, second, luck.

Entrepreneurship is all about deferred gratification.

Respect, recognition, and reward flow out of performance.

Love your job, but never fall in love with your company because you never know when the company stops loving you.

Organization Case Studies

I want Infosys to be a place where people of different genders, nationalities, races and religious beliefs work together in an environment of intense competition but utmost harmony, courtesy and dignity to add more and more value to our customers day after day.

Our assets walk out of the door each evening. We have to make sure that they come back the next morning.

Organizations with decision-making speed and imagination will thrive as nobody can claim to have a monopoly over Creativity.

Innovation Case Studies  &  Growth Case Studies

There is only one ingredient for Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and that is the power of the human mind. As long as a company is able to attract, enable, empower and retain the best of the brightest, it will have a play. As long as the leadership of companies ensure that the physically and mentally tired mind that leaves office at whatever 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm comes back mentally and physically reenergised and enthusiastic to add significant value to the customer next morning, the job is done.

It's very important to learn quick lessons from your failures, very important to recognize symptoms of failure pretty early, and it is very, very important to not to be attached too much to the idea - you have to know when to give up an idea.

It is better to underpromise and overdeliver than vice versa. For this one need not break the law of the land.

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.


A clear conscience is the softest pillow in the world.

Character + Chance = Success

Science is about unravelling nature.

When in doubt, disclose.

Hinduism has an enormous capacity to absorb from outside influences and accept it in a peaceful and steady manner without perturbing the system.


The real power of money is the power to give it away.

In the fullness of time, when it is our turn to give, we must in turn plant gardens that we may never eat the fruit of, which will benefit the generations to come.

❶  Leadership

First of all, you need good leadership. Great leaders raise the aspirations of their followers; they make people more confident, energetic and enthusiastic. Such leaders make people embrace the adage: a plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility.  People, who are motivated by great leaders, dream big, make sacrifices and achieve miracles.

It is not sufficient just to have great leaders. You need a mechanism to identify, train, empower and mentor successive generations of LEADERS. Such leadership training and mentoring has to become the responsibility of the current generation of leaders.

Leadership is about doing the right thing,
even if it going against a vast number of naysayers and mediocre people.

Leading by example is the most powerful advice you can give to anybody.

A great leader also has the ability to make people an inch taller in his presence.

You become a star not because of your title;
you become a star because you are adding star value to the company.

When you run a part of the relay and pass on the baton, there is no sense of unfinished business in your mind. There is just the sense of having done your part to the best of your ability. That is it.
The hope is to pass on the baton to somebody who will run faster and run a better marathon.

❷  Vision

A plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility.

You have to create a grand, noble vision which elevates the energy, enthusiasm and self-esteem of everyone in the company while ensuring that everybody sees a benefit in following the vision.

❸  Benchmarking

Your company has to benchmark itself on a global scale in every area including sales, production, human resources, R&D and finance. It creates an open and confident environment where first-raters recruit first-raters.  

❹  Measuring To Improve

Every company has to identify what I call its strategic resources,
and make sure that it grabs as much of its strategic resources as possible.

A great company continuously measures and improves the following attributes: meritocracy, fairness, justice, openness, speed, imagination and excellence in execution.

❺  Shared Values Case Studies

In God we trust, everybody else bring data to the table.

Performance leads to recognition. Recognition brings respect. Respect enhances power.
Humility and grace in one’s moments of power enhances dignity of an
organisation >>>

A great company practices an enduring value system, and follows the finest system of corporate governance.  >>>


When you are in business for a long time, you go through good times and bad times.
When you go through bad times, you learn to control costs, satisfy customers better,
satisfy employees better and become more transparent.
Therefore, you build character in the company.

Progress is often equal to the difference between mind and mindset.



Naryana Murthy advice

A great company continuously measures and improves the following attributes: meritocracy, fairness, justice, openness, speed, imagination and excellence in execution.

Naryana Murhty







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