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Coaching is a question-based enlightening, inspirational and energizing process by a coach to orient a player to the realities of a situation and to help the player achieve desired goals >>>

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Today, Corporate Leaders Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book must be coached on a regular basis. Constant, rapid and unpredictable change require high flexibility in leadership.

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The pressure on managers and employees is increasing. In these turbulent times, coaches help managers refine their stretch goals and strategies, reassess their assumptions,  and develop their leadership style. Goal and competence orientation are keys to successful coaching.

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The Tao of Leadership

Coaching is not consulting and it is not supposed to enter into that established domain of professional activity. Coaching executive leaders involves doing each of the following four steps with professional competence and consistency:

❶  Learning specifically what will it take to help your clients to be winners in their own right.  >>>

❷  Developing yourself to be who you need to be to assist your clients in achieving theirs stretch goals>>>

❸  Assisting your clients to identify and define their specific goals and organize and  energize themselves to achieve these goals.  >>>

❹  Communicating what you do in such a way that it builds the confidence and trust so that your clients allow you to work with them on behalf of their own success... More